I’ve spontaneously decided (based on my brain chaotically spawning a large amount of banal or simply dull thoughts) to also add an English section to this blog, so that all Romanian-speaking illiterates (and those not speaking at all Romanian and accidentally ending up here when trying to click some cheap Russian gay porn site on Saint Google) would be able to comment without considering the highly restrictive rules I have set up in regard to any Romanian language responses or comments. Here, the three rules governing your comments will be simple:

1. Do not swear or curse UNLESS you bring arguments to your cursing. If you feel I’m an idiot or a genius, however, you may just say it without presenting any supporting evidence. Nevertheless, any references to me having sexual intercourse with first-degree relatives (or anything similar) should be supported by arguments as to why your language is so offending.

2. Use any language that I also understand when leaving your comments. That means you CAN use Romanian, English, French, German, Russian, Italian or Portuguese, but please try to refrain from leaving comments in any other languages. All comments left in languages I am unable to comprehend will be erased. You may, however, use combinations of the languages I DO understand, because I don’t care how your comments look here (unlike those in the Romanian sections) if I’m able to decipher what you are trying to transmit.

3. There are no other rules.

This being said, I believe it’d be superfluous to add anything extra to this particular entry, so there you have it. I’ll maybe even try to create some sections in other languages, just for my own, personal practice and exercise. To see how efficiently I am capable of expressing myself and what I need to repair while this „gap year” (because this is what it actually is, despite me studying in a uni here as well during this interval) progresses. I’ll just sleep on the idea (probably for several nights, but no later than the end of this study term, when I am likely to close this blog or to just stop posting) for now.


~ de tralala01 pe martie 12, 2009.

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